My name is Armando Guevara Camargo, I live in Bogotá, Colombia.

I consider myself a maker, 3D design and 3D printing, video editor and 3D designer, open source, open hardware and VFX lover.

I use Blender for 3D modeling, animation and rendering, 3D Coat for sculpture and retopology, Unreal Engine for landscape, backgrounds design, rendering and video games design, Davinci Resolve for video editing.

For images work I use Inkscape, Gimp and Krita.

Here some of my works


Promo video for customer Valery´s Boutique: Facebook (2020)

Video edition with Davinci Resolve.

Intro For Mad Lab. (2019)

3D design with Blender, video editing with Davinci Resolve.

Video Promo for Mad Lab, TPU Filament Black Venom, Facebook Size. (2019)

Video editing with Davinci Resolve.

Video Promo PLA White Snow of Mad Lab. (2019)

Video Editing with Davinci Resolve.

Video Tip, PLA filaments with bubbles for Mad Lab. (2019)

Iron Man Love Kittens – My First video (2015)

3D Design, VFX and video editing with Blender.


Apple Catcher video game (2018)

Unreal Engine Blueprint development.


3D print designs

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